The Parable of the Asylum


Behold, the Kingdom of Delusion is like unto a shabby asylum, its walls not as of jasper, but seeming thick as a brick. And the inmates do not know they are there, for on the inside the walls are like unto the real world.


And some are raised and live and die there, never knowing the truth. And others enter eyes wide, seduced by false promises or bullied with false threats. And some, some the most deluded, become warders, deluders in their turn.


But lo, the lucky ones begin to see through the walls, to ask awkward questions. And they see the walls wax thinner and thinner, until they can see only a tissue of lies.


And at last they stand at the door and knock. And behold, the door and the walls disappear, and they are home in the real world. And there is much rejoicing at their return.