Wittgenstein in Practice

or Track Taters Log Ego Fill Oesophagus


This squib is for people on their philosophical journey. If it only entertains it will have served its purpose.


It deals with some problems of philosophy and shows a way to sort them out. It amounts to remembering that words are only words.


It consists of short reflections on: words and things; definition and description; naming; meaning and reference; object, concept and proposition; truth; identity and synonymy; indeterminacy; logic - and other related issues.


The relections touch obliquely on ideas in the work of Kant, Frege, Russell, Quine, Ryle, Strawson, Searle, Saussure, Derrida and Badiou - all from a Wittgensteinian perspective.


Each reflection could be a useful starting point for introductory discussion. But this is not an academic exercise. I simply want to hit certain nails cleanly on the head and into yours.


I have been assertive to get you thinking and arguing. But I have tried to make assertions that are true and that follow coherently from simple premises.


Thanks to Dr P M S Hacker (St John’s College, Oxford) for his encouragement and generosity with suggestions in response to the first edition.


Wittgenstein in Practice: or Track Taters Log Ego Fill Oesophagus  is available as a Kindle book from Amazon. Please use the link below.




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