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Exorcising Religion argues that belief in the supernatural is irrational. It looks at the nature of belief, knowledge, justification and, most importantly, truth. Linked to it there are short articles on aspects of religious belief.

Capitalism - and why we need to get over it shows why the system can't work equally well for all of us - and why all the justifications for capitalism are fallacies.

Wittgenstein in Practice is an entertainment for people on their philosophical journey.

JTB is short for Justified true belief - knowledge and the myth of propositions. This is a discussion of the nature of knowledge, including Gettier's criticism of the JTB definition, and a proposal on linguistic foundationalism. Gettier Cases summarises the argument. There are discussions of my posts on this topic at online forums, as follows.



DFPKT is short for Definition, facts, propositions, knowledge and truth. This is an attempt to clarify and synthesise ideas from my previous papers, and from contributions to online discussion groups.

Abstract things deals with the myth - the delusion - that abstract nouns name things of some kind that do or may exist somewhere, somehow.

Moral objectivism sets out an argument against the idea that morality is objective - that there are moral facts. There are discussions of my posts on this topic at online forums, as follows.





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